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Careers at OIS for 2013-2014 and beyond
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About Orchid International School (OIS)
Orchid International School is located in the beautiful and hilly terrain of Anjaneri Hills-part of the Sahyadri Range, about 25 kms. from the ancient temple town of Nasik, in the state of Maharashtra. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate. Its infrastructure and educational processes are designed to make it one of the most respected and one of the best residential schools of the country within a span of just over six years from inception. It has been ranked as the 4th Most Respected Boarding School in the Western Region and the 12th Best Boarding School all over India, by Education World under the C-Fore Survey of Schools, September 2010.


The ranking of Orchid International School has improved and as per the September 2011 issue of Education World it is the 9th best in India, 3rd best in Western region and the best in Maharashtra.

Philosophical Backdrop
As is widely known, over two hundred thousand types of beautiful Orchids have a lasting presence on our beautiful planet. They are a particularly elegant type of flowers - making them unusual and exotic! When watched closely, orchids evoke a delightful sense of amazement, joy, refinement and innocence. As a school we draw a few essentials of our educational endeavor from this awesome evocation and realize that each child is distinctive, extraordinary, incomparable and wonder-full. Through quiet, unblemished and hopeful eyes children have been extending an eager invitation to the adults to look at them with the same sense of astonishment as what we have when we look at the striking technological world around us. This naturally emergent invitation has been present for adults ever since the first child came about on earth. Yet the mysterious beauty has not been recognized adequately by the adults around. It is painful how easily we miss out one of the finest experiences of human existence, that of looking at and into the child - eye to eye and sensing the palpable and clear call for a deep relationship radiating towards us.

In our simple endeavor to improve the learning ambiance of our school on an ongoing basis, and in all respects, we would like to invite accomplished faculty members with good personal values and an energetic positive drive towards institution building. We would like to induct extraordinary people with simple lifestyle to the school. We will gladly make room for such people even if no “vacancy” exists! The educators need to have the keen sensitivity required to relate to children naturally and understand them affectionately and carefully. They need to also have a sound academic, professional, intellectual track record and credentials. Engagement of the students with a team of such insightful, committed and enterprising educators will provide the enriching educational contexts and spaces for children to grow naturally to be “beautiful” human beings!

OIS expects the prospective faculty members to be empathetic, affectionate and well-accomplished professionals who will be able to take care of the children in dimensions including academic, emotional and social well being. They need to be good learners and be able to contribute in an organic and dynamic manner to the changing needs of a fast developing institution. They also need to be able to work with equally competent people in small and large teams with an open mind. Being able to work with different types of competent people with diverse backgrounds is an important requirement. Children from vernacular, semi-urban backgrounds are also encouraged to study in the school. Teachers willing to work with even such children without blaming them and condemning them are particularly preferred by the school. The school is convinced that a teacher is more responsible than the child towards the learning outcome of the child. The school has been founded by an entrepreneur who was denied admission to an English medium school during his primary school days and is hence committed to provide equal opportunity to children from all social economic backgrounds. The educators need to be able to work with a diverse range of pupils and colleagues to bring about a pluralistic and modern community which will enable a balance between ancient wisdom and technological frontiers to be attempted.

The prospective candidates should be bright, first class, post graduates preferably with a degree in education. Teaching experience in residential school with its associated experience of house parenting, anchoring co-curricular activities of different kinds and interest in all round development of children is desirable but not essential for candidates who are interested to learn the same. Couples who could both take up appropriate teaching assignments will be preferred. Faculty members need to stay on campus.

The school is in the phase of enhancement in all aspects. To enable this quantitative growth the school wants to enhance and enrich its faculty base proportionally by drawing well-accomplished, fine and committed individuals for classes 6 to 12 across different fields/subjects indicated below.

Recruitment Process

a) Receiving CV
b) Preliminary scrutiny and dispatch of Phase I Questionnaire
c) On satisfactory completion of Phase I, dispatch of Phase II Questionnaire
d) Telephonic interview after receipt of response to Phase II Questionnaire
e) A visit (2-3days) by the candidate to have actual feel of the campus and
     take the “Letter of Appointment” if selected

Interested candidates may please send in their detailed CV at any time of the year. The school will however consider applications for joining at the beginning of each term; viz. June and November of each year. Sincere, competent and versatile individuals or couples committed to have a long term association with the school and who fulfill the above requirements are invited to apply in confidence to careers.orchideducation@gmail.com with a copy to principal.orchideducation@gmail.com. Please send a signed hard copy of the same by post with one recent passport size photograph to the following address in addition to the email. The CV must be detailed indicating the professional contribution at different places clearly and mention the names of 3 references with whom the candidate has worked for at least one year. The present remuneration and expected remuneration may also be indicated. More details....

The Principal,
Orchid International School,
Trimbak Road,

Nasik 422 212.

Applications received will be scrutinized and the shortlisted candidates will be sent a questionnaire for obtaining further information about candidates. After this second level of screening a telephonic interview will be conducted by the Principal of the school. The candidates clearing the telephonic interview will be invited to Nasik for a personal interview with the school management. The candidate will be provided to learn enough about the school to enable an informed decision about whether to join or not.

Recruitment Process-Phase 1; reading material
Recruitment Process-Phase 1
Recruitment Process-Phase 2
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